July 12, 2017


You guys!  It's been a little more than 2 months.  Geez.  I wanted to be MORE active on my blog once treatment ended.  I wanted this to continue to be a diary of how I am feeling, daily.  Sometimes, no news really is good news.  Recently, I have been trying to get out of the house and do more.  By "do more" I really mean try to get out with my camera.  Physically, I am still sore a lot of the time - but just getting out of the house for an hour or so is really helpful for my mental.  I'm back to working 7 hours a day.  Whew, it's not easy and I have to get up and move around quite frequently, but it's nice to get back to some normal.

Oh!! The Demon has graduated high school.  Can you even believe it!!?? I know I can't.  It's been a very rough last few years, but he's done it!!  No more school shopping, no more tuition, no more arguing over homework, and no more worrying about failing!!  Seriously, it's such a huge relief.  Our house has been so much more harmonious since the end of May.  I still look at him, the 18 year old young man that he's become - and can't believe I am his mother.

Ok, you can say it...there is no dog cuter than this baby.  None!!  This photo was from Blue's 3rd birthday.  I surprised him with a small ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.  It was an amazing trip.  Just look at that happiness!  Too much.  He's changed my life.

Chemo-brain is a real thing, ya'll.  I can't remember if I've mentioned getting a new pup?  Little Lucy! We normally refer to her as lil 'Lu.  She's such a great addition to our household.  She gets along with both Blue & Fernie.  She doesn't back down to either of 'em and is usually chasing them around chewing on their ankles.  She, literally, is an ankle biter!

Finally, I made it to the Ohio State Reformatory!  It's been a dream of mine for a few years to go for a visit/tour.  We - my brother, sister in law, and myself - took off for the day.  It really was an interesting trip and something different for us all to do.  Highly recommend going and taking a look around!

In a couple weeks,  the three of us will be taking off for a few days in Michigan. I can't wait to update and posts photos here.  It's a place none of us have been, so it will be loads of fun and new adventures.  Also, in a few weeks I start physical therapy for my hips.  X-rays have shown no arthritis (which is shocking..) and no bone loss (which is great!).. so my doctor is hopeful PT will help with my pain.

Life, right now, involves a lot of work, more sleep, and a few hours of fun thrown in throughout the week.  All in all, not too bad.

Until next time, take care! ♥

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